Artificial Plants For Feng Shui Decorations

Published: 24th February 2011
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Nothing is as reviving as having placed a beautiful plant with bright green petals in corner of your room or at the entrance of your home or office. Getting a fresh bouquet of flowers placed beside your workstation is always welcoming. It not only brightens up your mood but also adds sophistication and class to your office decor. However, live plants can be trouble because of the maintenance involved or can be messy with falling leaves, scattered dust and dying flowers. Fortunately, you can always replace real plants with Artificial Plants that add extra dash of colour to your home or office. These plants being hassled free do not require any kind of special care and certainly make your interiors look more welcoming.

One of the most wonderful facts about these imitations of natural plants is that they come in so many different varieties. You can get artificial shrubs, trees, bushes, exotic plants and artificial Silk Flowers from a wide variety of different species to beautify your decors. More amazingly, all these varieties of plants and flowers when well placed in accordance to Feng Shui can change your family fortunes and harmonise your life.

Feng Shui, literally translated as "Wind Water" in English, is an ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony with the environment through the design and layout of space and placement of object in one’s environment. The positioning of objects is practiced on patterns of yin and yang that is the flow of negative and positive chi (energy). Artificial Trees or plants are thus auspicious as per Feng Shui and play an important role in enhancing your luck and bringing riches to your home.

According to Feng shui it is always advisable to place a few good- quality Artificial Plants either in corner of your living room or bedroom or at the entrance of your hall. Wooded plants placed in East, South or South-East corners of your office bring luck to your career while plants with pointed leaves should be placed in kitchen, living room or office for maximum inspiration. To bring positive energy and to enhance finances, you should place money or jade plant with round and thick leaves in the South-East corner of your home or office.

Seven stalks of Bamboo can bring good health while eight stalks of Bamboo will symbolize growth. These work well when placed in Eastern section of your home or workstation. Exquisitely made Silk Flowers in pink colours encourage harmony and tenderness when placed in bedrooms. Such rooms of relaxation, however, are suggested not to include plants with spines, spikes or pointed leaves. Instead, use round-leaved plants such as schefflera, monstera, or calathea. The most popular feng shui plants and flowers include bamboo, ficus, palms, dracaena, money plants, hanging baskets, peonies, chrysanthemums and lilies.

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